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  • All outdoor materials painted at affordable prices
  • Call Apex Painting for professional exterior painting in Sydney!

Painting the exterior of your home or commercial property can be a huge job. It can be time-consuming and even dangerous to tackle it yourself if you are not an expert. So why not trust it to the professionals? Trust Apex for the best painting in Sydney.

Apex Painting is a highly experienced firm of painters and decorators, offering expert exterior painting in Sydney. Using the latest industry techniques and the highest-quality painting materials, we can transform the exterior of any building. Whether you want a simple refresh of a few tired areas or a completely new look, no job is too big or too small! Apex ensures the best painting service using quality paint .

Exterior painting for all outdoor areas

Using our specialist skills and paint products, we can tackle all areas of the outside of your building. We can achieve professional, long-lasting finishes on a wide number of regularly-used outdoor materials, including:

  • Wood
  • Vinyl
  • Aluminium
  • Decking
  • Fencing
  • And much more.

Consulting closely with you from our initial conversation right the way through to the completion of the job, we will make sure we can meet and exceed your expectations every step of the way, and ensure our handiwork meets your vision.

Our friendly, efficient team will arrive promptly and complete the job on time, causing a minimum of disruption to your life. We will also clean up any mess before we leave, making sure we leave your property more beautiful than we found it!

Professional exterior painting in Sydney at affordable prices

We believe in fair pricing and charge affordable prices so a stunning exterior is not beyond your reach. We will give you a detailed quote with no obligation, setting out our charges in detail and leaving you with no unwelcome surprises. We will put your needs first at all times and answer all your questions, giving you complete peace of mind from the beginning to the end of the job.

If you want more information about our exterior painting services in Sydney, or would like to receive a quote, please contact us and we will be happy to help.

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  • Call Apex Painting!

At Apex Painting, we have all the interior painting skills you need. With extensive experience in domestic and commercial interior painting, we know all the latest industry techniques and tricks to achieve the most professional finish in the quickest possible time. This means less disruption for you, giving any room in the house a stunning new look without the need to spend a lot of time or money.We tend to provide the best service in painting in Sydney .

Expert interior painting at budget-friendly prices

From your very first contact with us, we will work closely with you to establish your needs and make sure we are meeting them, every step of the way. If you need help choosing colours or types of paint, we have the knowledge and experience to offer you all the advice you need. Quality is what we look to provide which ultimately means we use quality paint.

We provide a friendly and reliable service, turning up on the date and time agreed upon with you, and we always get the job done efficiently and promptly. We will even clean up after ourselves when we finish, ensuring your home is left clean and tidy so you can fully enjoy its new look.

We always do our very best to exceed all client expectations, and we believe in fair pricing as we don’t think you should have to break the bank to achieve a beautiful home. At our initial consultation we will provide you with a detailed, no-obligation quote, so you know exactly what the job will cost.

Contact us for the best interior painting in Sydney!

If you are based in Sydney and you are looking for affordable professionals to take on your interior painting job, look no further than Apex Painting. We are happy to consider jobs of all sizes, and we will discuss your requirements carefully with you to make sure we can meet them to the highest standards. Apex painting, able to do all your painting job , yes , that means we can do all type of paintings.

Call us today for more information or a no-obligation quote.

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Specialist Paint and Lead Paint Removal

While we pride ourselves as Sydney’s best appliersof paint, our extensive experience has also made us experts and the number one choice for paint removal in Sydney. In many cases (especially in exterior painting situations), old paint may be too damaged to paint over and must be removed (either in part or completely). Doing so carefully without damaging the material underneath is imperative and requires the right products, tools – and most of all, skill and experience. With over 20 years in the business, we possess all these.

Extremely important in paint removal is the knowledge of lead paint removal. Unfortunately, before 1970 lead was widely used in paint as colouring, rust protection and a drying agent. Most Australian houses built before 1970 therefore contain some lead paint. We now know that lead in paint is highly toxic and can have negative effects on motor function, IQ and general health. Children are particularly susceptible. The tiniest trace amounts of lead can slowly build up in the body, eventual affecting your health and that of your family.

Safe Lead Paint Removal

Removing lead paint safely is a skilled process that should only be undertaken by professionals like Apex Painting & Decoration – especially since the danger of lead poisoning during this process is increased compared to the slow trace process of inert lead on the walls. In certain cases where the lead paint is intact and removal is not possible, painting over lead paint may be done with a special sealing paint known as an encapsulant. However, wherever possible, lead paint should be safely and completely removed to ensure the safety of your family, visitors, employees or customers.

Professionally removing lead paint (also known as ‘lead paint abatement’) requires a number of things, which Apex Painting & Decorations specialises in. These include:

  • An approved and rigorously followed process
  • Accordance with health regulations
  • A well-trained, expert team
  • All necessary materials including paint stripping products and accessories
  • Safety equipment such as proper ventilation and evacuation equipment

After the lead paint is removed, we collect and store it in appropriately sealed containers and follow proper hazardous waste transport and disposal procedures. We are as committed to protecting the health of our team members as yours – in addition to being provided with the most modern safety equipment, we ensure they are tested regularly to ensure these safety precautions are doing their job.

Safe and Effective Paint and Lead Paint Removal In Sydney

At Apex Painting & Decoration, our focus in paint removal and lead paint removal is safety – yours and your family’s, our expert team members’ and that of the building’s integrity. With more than two decades of experience, we are Sydney’s paint and lead paint removal specialists. For a free quote and consultation, contact us today.


Q: What is lead paint?

A: Lead paint is paint that contains lead, which is toxic. While it is no longer made, it is present in many older buildings.

Q: How to remove lead paint?

A: Lead paint should only be removed by professionals familiar with the correct process and safety procedures, and who possess the necessary equipment. It requires both chemical and physical removal tools.

Q: How dangerous is lead paint?

A: Lead paint can be quite dangerous, as it is known to cause neurological issues and general poor health. The danger is greatly increased as older lead paint begins to break down.

Get Your Wallpapering Done Right the First Time

Anyone who has attempted to hang wallpaper is aware that proper wallpaper installation is a more challenging process than one might think! Before even beginning the process, there is the task of choosing wallpaper design as well as materials and the right kind of adhesives. Then there is the measuring, followed by the surface preparation process. When it comes to the actual hanging of the wallpaper, inexperience or the smallest mistake can result in an aesthetically unattractive end result. Our experienced wallpaper installers have performed the entire process countless times, and are guaranteed to achieve the perfect wallpapering job. For high-quality Sydney wallpaper installation, look no further than Apex Painting & Decoration.

Knowledgeable Wallpaper Installation in Sydney

One of the most important parts of wallpapering comes long before the installation – choosing the right wallpaper. You may have already found your perfect design – if not, we are happy to help you track down the perfect wallpaper. It is important to be aware that the material used should also be taken into consideration. For example, non-woven papers are not recommended for areas with a lot of moisture like bathrooms – vinyl works better here. Our experienced team can guide you in these types of decisions, as well as the correct adhesive to use.

Many a wallpapering job has resulted in the poor application of the perfect wallpaper due to inexperience. Our Sydney wallpapering experts know the best ways to prepare wallpaper and measure precisely so there is no wastage but also no unexpected shortcomings or unsightly seams. As experienced residential and commercial painters, we also excel at wall preparation, creating a perfectly smooth surface for wallpaper hanging.

When the time has come for the execution of your Sydney wallpapering project, our team will perfectly install your wallpaper the first time, with surprisingly rapid efficiency. Perfectly level wallpaper without unsightly seams, mismatched patterns, or bubbles and wrinkles is our trademark – backed by a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

Worry-Free Professional Sydney Wallpaper Installation

Apex Painting & Decoration provides Sydney’s finest wallpaper installation services through a combination of experience, skill and using the right tools. After deciding on the perfect décor for your home or commercial space, a rooms or hallway’s appearance should not be compromised by a sub-standard wallpapering job. Count on the professionals at Apex Painting to perform flawless wallpaper installation every time. We offer free initial consultations and quotes, and there will never be any hidden costs or surprises. To find out more about our world-class wallpapering services, contact us today.


Q: What does wallpaper installation cost in Sydney?

A: Apex Painting & Decoration offers some of the most affordable rates for professional wallpaper installation in Sydney. Our pricing is competitive with that of general contractors, and you are guaranteed a job done by specialists done to your satisfaction. For a free quote, contact us today!

Make a Statement With Custom Painting

The professional application of solid colours will always make up the majority of residential and commercial painting projects. However, occasionally a space requires something more creative. Exterior murals have become an increasingly popular way to draw attention to your commercial space – whether branded for your business, something honouring the culture or community, or simply an eye-catching piece. Homeowners with a love for the artistic also have been incorporating murals into their décor – largely as interior pieces.

Apex Painting & Decoration has two decades of experience in not only performing the highest quality and longest lasting conventional painting jobs, but also that of custom mural painting and other custom projects. Whether your custom wall painting project calls for a mural, a logo, a combination of colours, or the creation of a new shade, we have the tools and the experience to help.

Infinite Custom Painting Options

Many painting companies will shy away from creative projects such as murals and other custom painting work. However, we greatly enjoy the opportunity to make a customer’s creative vision or eye-catching branding come to life. Our team members have the experience, skill and tools to create the type of custom painting work that is impossible to ignore. We provide a range of custom house painting and commercial space painting services.

Mural Painting: A mural is one of the most engaging types of painting one can choose. With each being a unique work of art, a well designed and executed painted mural or custom wallpaper mural makes your building or room stand out in a way all of its own. We are adept in painting existing wall mural ideas as well as assisting in the design process. Our mural painting services also include assisting in finding the best location for the mural and any colour adjustments to ensure it complements its surroundings. Whether you plan on custom painting a portrait, scene or abstract work, we have the ability to make your mural idea come to life.

Logos and Branded Painting: With most commercial spaces using mounted signs, a painted logo or branded artwork makes your business stand out from the crowd. We are able to perfectly replicate logos down to the font and colours, as well as help you come up with an entire paint scheme that incorporates your branding.

Faux Effects: Our skilled painters are able to create a number of faux painting effect that will make your home or business the talk of the town. We can replicate the look (and in some cases, feel) of surfaces including brick, suede, marble, granite or wallpaper. We even use advanced techniques to bring a vintage, stately charm to painting projects by emulating the look of gently weathered surfaces.

Custom Colour Combinations & New Colours: Solid colour walls with subtle accents aren’t for everyone. For those hoping to make a bolder statement, we can create visually stunning surfaces through the use of multiple colours in structured or abstract designs of your choosing. And if your project requires a colour that isn’t in our expansive palette (or anyone else’s) we will work with you to create the exact shade you’re looking for.

Sydney’s Finest Custom Painters

When you need to have a painting project that requires a custom approach completed, Apex Painting & Decoration is Sydney’s number one choice. With 20 years of experience in providing both conventional and customised solutions, we have the confidence to offer a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee on all our work. For further peace of mind, the many paints you may use are also protected by Dulux’ 7-year guarantee. For a free consultation and quote on your custom painting project, contact us today!


Q: How do you price a mural?

AL The price of a mural can vary wildly. It depends on many factors including the size, the intricacy of the design, where it is located, the type of paint used and much more. To receive a free quote on your mural, contact us today.

Q: What kind of paint do you use for wall murals?

A: This can also change with the situation – e.g. you can use latex on top of oil, but not vice-versa. Outdoor murals often use exterior latex paint, while indoor murals often use a mix of indoor latex paint and artist-grade acrylics. In some cases, a sealer may be used over it for additional protection.

Q: What is the difference between graffiti and murals?

A: Graffiti is generally done using spray paint or marker pens and is usually created without owner permission. Murals, meanwhile, are commissioned by owners and done at their request. Using purpose-designed paint increases the longevity and colour-accuracy of murals.

Beautifying Your Indoor or Outdoor Pool

Apex Painting & Decoration offers a full range of interior and exterior painting services. Applying paint to different parts of homes and commercial buildings is not a single process – different types of paints and different application methods are necessary to achieve the best results. This is certainly true for pool painting. Painting swimming pools requires certain types of paint, an involved cleaning process, and a particular painting process using specific equipment. Utilising painters inexperienced with pool painting can result in damage to your pool and its components as well as an embarrassingly poor paint job. With 20 years of experience, the experts at Apex Painting & Decoration are your number one choice for swimming pool painting in Sydney.

Sydney’s Pool Painting Experts

Due to our extensive experience, we are aware of all the considerations that go into adequately painting a swimming pool. For instance, we can offer the rare service of letting you know whether your pool needsto be painted or not. Fading and staining may suggest its time for a paint, but there are certain treatments that, in certain situations, can freshen up the paint job. Our first concern is the satisfaction of our customers – so where appropriate, we are happy to suggest cost-effective alternatives during our free consultations.

However, pool paint must withstand sunlight, water, chemicals and more – so inevitably, you will need a repaint. Dull paint can make way to actual breakdown where it rubs off on hands, feet and swimsuits and the water becomes contaminated. Before this happens, repainting can prevent further damage.

If a new pool is receiving its first paint job, we will help you choose swimming pool paint colours and paint types that will serve you best. That’s right – blue or white are not the only colours! While many see these as the best swimming pool paint colours in order to achieve a conventional appearance, we love helping our clients express their individuality with unusual pool paint colours. We can even create colours just for you through our customised paint solutions. We can even paint beautiful murals on the floor of your pool.

We also are experts at the additional touches that make for a professional looking and complete pool painting job. Prep work, removing previous paint layers, painting concrete around a pool and more are all services we offer.

Your Trusted Sydney Painters

If you are in Sydney and wondering, “where can I find pool painting services near me?” look no further than Apex Painting and Decoration. We offer incredibly affordable pool painting with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. For a free quote and consultation, contact us today.


Q: What kind of paint do you use for a swimming pool?

A: There are a few different types of paint used for swimming pools. Epoxy paint, rubber base pool paint and water-based acrylic pool paint are the most common.

Q: How much does it cost to paint a pool?

A: While pool painting from beginning to end can seem quite involved, our two decades of experience has resulted in our developing an extremely efficient process, cutting down on time and allowing us to offer extremely affordable rates. For a free quote, contact us today!

Q: How do you paint a concrete swimming pool?

A: To paint a pool, you must first determine what paint already exists, as certain types cannot be painted over differing types. After deciding on the type and colour, the pool is thoroughly drained. Old paint is removed, any cracks or loose cement are repaired, and the pool is then meticulously cleaned (both through physical and chemical means). Fittings are taped, and the pool is painted. After 4-5 days of allowing the paint to cure, the pool can be refilled.

Protecting Your Outdoor Wooden Structures

Beautiful wooden fences, sheds and decks can greatly increase the aesthetics of your garden and other outdoor spaces. It is extremely important, however, to make sure they are appropriately protected. As a porous and relatively soft material, wood is susceptible to damage from the elements if certain measures are not taken. Absorption of moisture from rainfall is one of the largest dangers – therefore waterproofing is a must. Apex Painting & Decorating offers deck waterproofing, shed waterproofing and fence waterproofing services among others in Sydney.

Why Should I Waterproof?

While wood is a resilient material, exposure to years of moisture from rainfall and ever-present moisture in the air will eventually cause damage. Due to its porous nature, moisture will be absorbed by untreated wood. When too much moisture has penetrated the wood, damage occurs. Cracks and breakage form due to expansion, and the wood can even become warped and misshapen. Rotting is also a danger – and once this begins to occur, that piece of wood must be replaced. Waterproofing prevents this from occurring to your outdoor wooden structures.

What Should I Be Waterproofing?

In short, any wooden structure exposed to the elements should be waterproofed in order to ensure long life and continued good looks. An often forgotten type is that of fence waterproofing. However, just like any other wooden structure, your wooden fence can degrade if it is not protected with wood sealants and waterproofing. As for your garden shed, just as it does an excellent job protecting your garden tools and supplies, so too should you protect your shed! Properly waterproofing a shed is an all-encompassing affair – waterproofing shed walls should be done alongside waterproofing your garden shed’s roof.

Perhaps the most well known outdoor waterproofing is that of waterproofing an outdoor deck. Often using beautiful, sometimes polished woods, decks need to be waterproofed in order to keep their looks as well as structural integrity to ensure your, your family’s and visitors’ safety.

Apex Painting & Decorating’s Full-Service Waterproofing

With more than 20 years experience, Apex Painting is well versed in the waterproofing of fences, sheds, decks and other outdoor wooden structures. We use tried and tested sealants and waterproofing methods in order to ensure your outdoor structures are well protected for years to come. Whether you are just building, or are wisely re-apply waterproofing as maintenance, we can get the job done. Affordable and with zero hidden costs or fees, our services come with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. If you are interested in waterproofing in Sydney, contact us today for a free consultation and quote.


Q: What are the types of waterproofing?

A: There are a number of different types of waterproofing. Three of the most common are liquid surface coatings, use of a solid waterproof membrane, and the use of channels and water-capture devices to ensure moisture does not sit on the wood and get absorbed. While we specialise in the application of the world’s best surface coatings, our experts will work with you to ascertain the most appropriate type of waterproofing for your application.

Q: How do you treat wood for outdoor use?

A: In short, wood being used outdoors should be sealed and then waterproofed. Sealant will make the wood far less porous, filling in the natural larger pores. Waterproofing will then prevent moisture from being absorbed at a more microscopic level.

Beautiful Buildings From Top to Bottom

When it comes to exterior painting, the part of buildings that is undoubtedly the most neglected is the roof. Unfortunately, the old adage “out of sight out of mind” certainly plays a part here. As the majority of roof surfaces are not easily visible, we may think we can ignore the condition of the paint – or simply forget about it. While this is understandable, it is actually a practice that can have disastrous results. It is not only the look of your roof that can suffer – its structural integrity can also be compromised. Thankfully, Apex Painting is here to provide expert roof painting in Penrith and Sydney.

Why Is Roof Painting So Important?

Firstly, an unpainted roof is more visible than we may think. While we do not give it a second glance coming in and out of our homes and businesses daily, neglected roofs are noticed by visitors and customers – which of course reflects poorly on the owner.

However, more important is the fact that a roof that has not been repainted in a reasonable period of time becomes susceptible to damage – eventually the type of which will result in the need for an entirely new roof. This damage is caused in a number of ways.

Chipping/Breakage Etc: Paint helps protect roofing material from weakening by the elements. In a weakened state, your roof will begin to experience chipping, flaking and the like. This further weakens the material, and can lead to eventual failure of portions or your entire roof.

Moisture Damage: The paint on your roof is designed to strengthen the seal against moisture seeping in. If this moisture penetrates the tiles or other roofing material, your roof will be severely weakened, eventually requiring a costly re-roofing.

Foreign Growth: Even if the aforementioned moisture does not cause direct damage, it can allow the growth of mould, lichen or other fungi. These are not only terrible for your and your family’s health, but can promote rot.

As with all good paint jobs, a professionally painted roof raises the value of your home or commercial building. When it is time to sell, the cost of roof painting in Penrith is most definitely worth it because prospective buyers will be closely inspecting the condition of your roof. Apex’ Sydney roof restoration therefore not only improves the look of your building but also it’s monetary value.

How Does It Work?

Part of the reason our Sydney roof painters are so good for your roof’s health is because the preparation for painting also helps the integrity of your house’s peak. Roof cleaning and painting is a more accurate description of the service, as the roof must be absolutely clean before the paint can be applied. All the debris, residue and any foreign growths are carefully removed as part of our roof restoration service. If necessary, roof sealant is reapplied. Then our high-performance quality paints are sprayed onto your roof’s surface, using state-of-the-art sprayers to ensure an even coat.

Sydney Roof Restoration

To prevent the need for extensive roof repairs, Sydney homeowners and commercial building owners rely on Apex Painting. Our experienced team will expertly and efficiently perform a quality roof painting job, minimising inconvenience to you. With our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee, you can be sure you will be happy with the job done. For a free quote and consultation, contact us today.


Q: How Do You Restore A Roof?

A: To restore a roof, it must first be thoroughly cleaned. It is then necessary to check the integrity of its components, replacing tiles, seals etc if necessary. If required, reapplying the sealant quote follows. Last of all, an excellent paint job leaves your roof looking like new.

Q: How Much Does A Roof Respray Cost?

This can vary depending on the size of the roof, the type of paint used, other repairs necessary and a host of other factors. To get a free quote on your particular respray, contact us today.

Q: What are The Benefits of A Roof Respray?

In addition to improving a building’s appearance, a roof respray protects the roof from damage due to the elements or moisture damage. It helps reflect heat, and even increases the value of your home.

The Challenge Of Choosing Paint Colours

Whether it’s the interior or exterior of your home or business, the very first decision to be made with respect to painting is of course: “which colour should I choose?” You are not alone in agonising over this decision – picking a colour that you enjoy and that makes a great impression on visitors or customers is universally nerve-wracking! The task becomes more daunting when you realise that when you finally settle on a colour, it is not as simple as proceeding with ‘red’ or even ‘black’. Each colour comes in an almost endless number of shades – each of which can present somewhat differently depending on the type of paint used. It’s a lot to take in, isn’t it? At Apex Painting, we understand this – and that’s why we offer Sydney’s finest paint colour consultation services.

Why Do I Need Colour Consulting?

Choosing a colour for your interior or exterior painting job can be a challenge. With their expertise and years of painting experience, a paint colour consultant can make this process straightforward and painless. However, working with experts like our Sydney colour consultants can bring you far more advantages than simply making your decision easier.

Saving Money: Whether included in the cost of a painting job or as a separate service, in the end, colour consulting will almost always save you money. As anyone who has been through the process before can attest, choosing a paint colour palette on your own requires many cans of sample paint, fabric swatches for colour-matching purposes and other small purchases which quickly add up. Worse yet, it’s an unfortunately common occurrence to make a final decision and only after the job is done, discover it is not at all the effect you envisioned. The result? Repainting or replacing furniture at great expense to you. Our home and commercial colour consultants ensure you avoid such costly mistakes. With over 20 years of experience, they are able to understand your overall vision and then help you quickly zero in on the exact colour you need to bring it to life.

Saving Time: Perhaps even more than the expense, choosing the perfect colour can eat up another precious resource: time. Even the most decisive of home or business owners will find themselves going through colour fan decks, fabric swatches and Pinterest boards for weeks or months trying to find the exact colour they have in mind. Our Sydney colour consultants dramatically cut down on the time you need to spend for the simple reason that they are intimately familiar with hundreds of colours. On meeting with you, seeing the interior or exterior surface to be painted and the accompanying décor, they are able to quickly narrow down the options to just a few which you can then whittle down to that perfect shade. Usually, our interior and exterior paint colour consultants are able to help clients find their perfect colour in one or two meetings.

Keeping You In Style: Of course, not all of us will be up to date with the latest in painting and decorating trends. However, as part of our job, we closely pay attention to the colours as well as decorating trends that are currently in fashion. Especially in a commercial setting, presenting this type of in-touch aesthetic is important. However, even if you do not care about being ‘trendy’, there is a far more important reason to use currently in-demand colours…

Maintaining or Increasing The Value of Your Property: Many owners are unaware that colour choices can have a considerable effect on property value. Whether the colour is in fashion, whether it will be suitable for a number of building/room uses and whether it will make repainting more difficult all affect resale value. Our expert Sydney exterior colour consultants will make sure you choose colours for the outside of your home that will increase value while our interior consultants will do the same for indoors.

Sydney’s Top Colour Consulting Service

At Apex Painting, we offer colour consulting services designed to ensure every painting job gives you exactly the results you desire. If our expansive palette of paints does not have the exact colour you need, we also offer customised solutions. In addition to a free quote and free initial consultation, we offer a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee on all our work. You can even rest easy when it comes to the paint itself, as Dulux offers a 7-year warranty on all its products. To find out more about our colour consulting service, contact us today.


Q: How much does a colour consultant cost?

A: The cost of a colour consultant can vary depending on experience as well as the particular job. Sometimes, painting companies will include colour consultation in the price of the overall painting service. To get a free quote, contact us today.

Q: How much does a colour consultant make?

A: This also depends on experience, as well as the types of painting jobs in question. A beginner colour consultant may make around $20,000 while in-demand, highly experienced consultants can make close to $90,000 and above.

Q: What does a colour consultant do?

A: A colour consultant assists homeowners and businesses to find the perfect colours for their interior and exterior painting needs. With extensive experience, they are able to either quickly find the perfect colour to fulfil the client’s vision or create a custom one.