Get Your Wallpapering Done Right the First Time

Anyone who has attempted to hang wallpaper is aware that proper wallpaper installation is a more challenging process than one might think! Before even beginning the process, there is the task of choosing wallpaper design as well as materials and the right kind of adhesives. Then there is the measuring, followed by the surface preparation process. When it comes to the actual hanging of the wallpaper, inexperience or the smallest mistake can result in an aesthetically unattractive end result. Our experienced wallpaper installers have performed the entire process countless times, and are guaranteed to achieve the perfect wallpapering job. For high-quality Sydney wallpaper installation, look no further than Apex Painting & Decoration.

Knowledgeable Wallpaper Installation in Sydney

One of the most important parts of wallpapering comes long before the installation – choosing the right wallpaper. You may have already found your perfect design – if not, we are happy to help you track down the perfect wallpaper. It is important to be aware that the material used should also be taken into consideration. For example, non-woven papers are not recommended for areas with a lot of moisture like bathrooms – vinyl works better here. Our experienced team can guide you in these types of decisions, as well as the correct adhesive to use.

Many a wallpapering job has resulted in the poor application of the perfect wallpaper due to inexperience. Our Sydney wallpapering experts know the best ways to prepare wallpaper and measure precisely so there is no wastage but also no unexpected shortcomings or unsightly seams. As experienced residential and commercial painters, we also excel at wall preparation, creating a perfectly smooth surface for wallpaper hanging.

When the time has come for the execution of your Sydney wallpapering project, our team will perfectly install your wallpaper the first time, with surprisingly rapid efficiency. Perfectly level wallpaper without unsightly seams, mismatched patterns, or bubbles and wrinkles is our trademark – backed by a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

Worry-Free Professional Sydney Wallpaper Installation

Apex Painting & Decoration provides Sydney’s finest wallpaper installation services through a combination of experience, skill and using the right tools. After deciding on the perfect décor for your home or commercial space, a rooms or hallway’s appearance should not be compromised by a sub-standard wallpapering job. Count on the professionals at Apex Painting to perform flawless wallpaper installation every time. We offer free initial consultations and quotes, and there will never be any hidden costs or surprises. To find out more about our world-class wallpapering services, contact us today.


Q: What does wallpaper installation cost in Sydney?

A: Apex Painting & Decoration offers some of the most affordable rates for professional wallpaper installation in Sydney. Our pricing is competitive with that of general contractors, and you are guaranteed a job done by specialists done to your satisfaction. For a free quote, contact us today!