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When it comes to exterior painting, the part of buildings that is undoubtedly the most neglected is the roof. Unfortunately, the old adage “out of sight out of mind” certainly plays a part here. As the majority of roof surfaces are not easily visible, we may think we can ignore the condition of the paint – or simply forget about it. While this is understandable, it is actually a practice that can have disastrous results. It is not only the look of your roof that can suffer – its structural integrity can also be compromised. Thankfully, Apex Painting is here to provide expert roof painting in Penrith and Sydney.

Why Is Roof Painting So Important?

Firstly, an unpainted roof is more visible than we may think. While we do not give it a second glance coming in and out of our homes and businesses daily, neglected roofs are noticed by visitors and customers – which of course reflects poorly on the owner.

However, more important is the fact that a roof that has not been repainted in a reasonable period of time becomes susceptible to damage – eventually the type of which will result in the need for an entirely new roof. This damage is caused in a number of ways.

Chipping/Breakage Etc: Paint helps protect roofing material from weakening by the elements. In a weakened state, your roof will begin to experience chipping, flaking and the like. This further weakens the material, and can lead to eventual failure of portions or your entire roof.

Moisture Damage: The paint on your roof is designed to strengthen the seal against moisture seeping in. If this moisture penetrates the tiles or other roofing material, your roof will be severely weakened, eventually requiring a costly re-roofing.

Foreign Growth: Even if the aforementioned moisture does not cause direct damage, it can allow the growth of mould, lichen or other fungi. These are not only terrible for your and your family’s health, but can promote rot.

As with all good paint jobs, a professionally painted roof raises the value of your home or commercial building. When it is time to sell, the cost of roof painting in Penrith is most definitely worth it because prospective buyers will be closely inspecting the condition of your roof. Apex’ Sydney roof restoration therefore not only improves the look of your building but also it’s monetary value.

How Does It Work?

Part of the reason our Sydney roof painters are so good for your roof’s health is because the preparation for painting also helps the integrity of your house’s peak. Roof cleaning and painting is a more accurate description of the service, as the roof must be absolutely clean before the paint can be applied. All the debris, residue and any foreign growths are carefully removed as part of our roof restoration service. If necessary, roof sealant is reapplied. Then our high-performance quality paints are sprayed onto your roof’s surface, using state-of-the-art sprayers to ensure an even coat.

Sydney Roof Restoration

To prevent the need for extensive roof repairs, Sydney homeowners and commercial building owners rely on Apex Painting. Our experienced team will expertly and efficiently perform a quality roof painting job, minimising inconvenience to you. With our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee, you can be sure you will be happy with the job done. For a free quote and consultation, contact us today.


Q: How Do You Restore A Roof?

A: To restore a roof, it must first be thoroughly cleaned. It is then necessary to check the integrity of its components, replacing tiles, seals etc if necessary. If required, reapplying the sealant quote follows. Last of all, an excellent paint job leaves your roof looking like new.

Q: How Much Does A Roof Respray Cost?

This can vary depending on the size of the roof, the type of paint used, other repairs necessary and a host of other factors. To get a free quote on your particular respray, contact us today.

Q: What are The Benefits of A Roof Respray?

In addition to improving a building’s appearance, a roof respray protects the roof from damage due to the elements or moisture damage. It helps reflect heat, and even increases the value of your home.