Specialist Paint and Lead Paint Removal

While we pride ourselves as Sydney’s best appliersof paint, our extensive experience has also made us experts and the number one choice for paint removal in Sydney. In many cases (especially in exterior painting situations), old paint may be too damaged to paint over and must be removed (either in part or completely). Doing so carefully without damaging the material underneath is imperative and requires the right products, tools – and most of all, skill and experience. With over 20 years in the business, we possess all these.

Extremely important in paint removal is the knowledge of lead paint removal. Unfortunately, before 1970 lead was widely used in paint as colouring, rust protection and a drying agent. Most Australian houses built before 1970 therefore contain some lead paint. We now know that lead in paint is highly toxic and can have negative effects on motor function, IQ and general health. Children are particularly susceptible. The tiniest trace amounts of lead can slowly build up in the body, eventual affecting your health and that of your family.

Safe Lead Paint Removal

Removing lead paint safely is a skilled process that should only be undertaken by professionals like Apex Painting & Decoration – especially since the danger of lead poisoning during this process is increased compared to the slow trace process of inert lead on the walls. In certain cases where the lead paint is intact and removal is not possible, painting over lead paint may be done with a special sealing paint known as an encapsulant. However, wherever possible, lead paint should be safely and completely removed to ensure the safety of your family, visitors, employees or customers.

Professionally removing lead paint (also known as ‘lead paint abatement’) requires a number of things, which Apex Painting & Decorations specialises in. These include:

  • An approved and rigorously followed process
  • Accordance with health regulations
  • A well-trained, expert team
  • All necessary materials including paint stripping products and accessories
  • Safety equipment such as proper ventilation and evacuation equipment

After the lead paint is removed, we collect and store it in appropriately sealed containers and follow proper hazardous waste transport and disposal procedures. We are as committed to protecting the health of our team members as yours – in addition to being provided with the most modern safety equipment, we ensure they are tested regularly to ensure these safety precautions are doing their job.

Safe and Effective Paint and Lead Paint Removal In Sydney

At Apex Painting & Decoration, our focus in paint removal and lead paint removal is safety – yours and your family’s, our expert team members’ and that of the building’s integrity. With more than two decades of experience, we are Sydney’s paint and lead paint removal specialists. For a free quote and consultation, contact us today.


Q: What is lead paint?

A: Lead paint is paint that contains lead, which is toxic. While it is no longer made, it is present in many older buildings.

Q: How to remove lead paint?

A: Lead paint should only be removed by professionals familiar with the correct process and safety procedures, and who possess the necessary equipment. It requires both chemical and physical removal tools.

Q: How dangerous is lead paint?

A: Lead paint can be quite dangerous, as it is known to cause neurological issues and general poor health. The danger is greatly increased as older lead paint begins to break down.