Protecting Your Outdoor Wooden Structures

Beautiful wooden fences, sheds and decks can greatly increase the aesthetics of your garden and other outdoor spaces. It is extremely important, however, to make sure they are appropriately protected. As a porous and relatively soft material, wood is susceptible to damage from the elements if certain measures are not taken. Absorption of moisture from rainfall is one of the largest dangers – therefore waterproofing is a must. Apex Painting & Decorating offers deck waterproofing, shed waterproofing and fence waterproofing services among others in Sydney.

Why Should I Waterproof?

While wood is a resilient material, exposure to years of moisture from rainfall and ever-present moisture in the air will eventually cause damage. Due to its porous nature, moisture will be absorbed by untreated wood. When too much moisture has penetrated the wood, damage occurs. Cracks and breakage form due to expansion, and the wood can even become warped and misshapen. Rotting is also a danger – and once this begins to occur, that piece of wood must be replaced. Waterproofing prevents this from occurring to your outdoor wooden structures.

What Should I Be Waterproofing?

In short, any wooden structure exposed to the elements should be waterproofed in order to ensure long life and continued good looks. An often forgotten type is that of fence waterproofing. However, just like any other wooden structure, your wooden fence can degrade if it is not protected with wood sealants and waterproofing. As for your garden shed, just as it does an excellent job protecting your garden tools and supplies, so too should you protect your shed! Properly waterproofing a shed is an all-encompassing affair – waterproofing shed walls should be done alongside waterproofing your garden shed’s roof.

Perhaps the most well known outdoor waterproofing is that of waterproofing an outdoor deck. Often using beautiful, sometimes polished woods, decks need to be waterproofed in order to keep their looks as well as structural integrity to ensure your, your family’s and visitors’ safety.

Apex Painting & Decorating’s Full-Service Waterproofing

With more than 20 years experience, Apex Painting is well versed in the waterproofing of fences, sheds, decks and other outdoor wooden structures. We use tried and tested sealants and waterproofing methods in order to ensure your outdoor structures are well protected for years to come. Whether you are just building, or are wisely re-apply waterproofing as maintenance, we can get the job done. Affordable and with zero hidden costs or fees, our services come with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. If you are interested in waterproofing in Sydney, contact us today for a free consultation and quote.


Q: What are the types of waterproofing?

A: There are a number of different types of waterproofing. Three of the most common are liquid surface coatings, use of a solid waterproof membrane, and the use of channels and water-capture devices to ensure moisture does not sit on the wood and get absorbed. While we specialise in the application of the world’s best surface coatings, our experts will work with you to ascertain the most appropriate type of waterproofing for your application.

Q: How do you treat wood for outdoor use?

A: In short, wood being used outdoors should be sealed and then waterproofed. Sealant will make the wood far less porous, filling in the natural larger pores. Waterproofing will then prevent moisture from being absorbed at a more microscopic level.