Make a Statement With Custom Painting

The professional application of solid colours will always make up the majority of residential and commercial painting projects. However, occasionally a space requires something more creative. Exterior murals have become an increasingly popular way to draw attention to your commercial space – whether branded for your business, something honouring the culture or community, or simply an eye-catching piece. Homeowners with a love for the artistic also have been incorporating murals into their décor – largely as interior pieces.

Apex Painting & Decoration has two decades of experience in not only performing the highest quality and longest lasting conventional painting jobs, but also that of custom mural painting and other custom projects. Whether your custom wall painting project calls for a mural, a logo, a combination of colours, or the creation of a new shade, we have the tools and the experience to help.

Infinite Custom Painting Options

Many painting companies will shy away from creative projects such as murals and other custom painting work. However, we greatly enjoy the opportunity to make a customer’s creative vision or eye-catching branding come to life. Our team members have the experience, skill and tools to create the type of custom painting work that is impossible to ignore. We provide a range of custom house painting and commercial space painting services.

Mural Painting: A mural is one of the most engaging types of painting one can choose. With each being a unique work of art, a well designed and executed painted mural or custom wallpaper mural makes your building or room stand out in a way all of its own. We are adept in painting existing wall mural ideas as well as assisting in the design process. Our mural painting services also include assisting in finding the best location for the mural and any colour adjustments to ensure it complements its surroundings. Whether you plan on custom painting a portrait, scene or abstract work, we have the ability to make your mural idea come to life.

Logos and Branded Painting: With most commercial spaces using mounted signs, a painted logo or branded artwork makes your business stand out from the crowd. We are able to perfectly replicate logos down to the font and colours, as well as help you come up with an entire paint scheme that incorporates your branding.

Faux Effects: Our skilled painters are able to create a number of faux painting effect that will make your home or business the talk of the town. We can replicate the look (and in some cases, feel) of surfaces including brick, suede, marble, granite or wallpaper. We even use advanced techniques to bring a vintage, stately charm to painting projects by emulating the look of gently weathered surfaces.

Custom Colour Combinations & New Colours: Solid colour walls with subtle accents aren’t for everyone. For those hoping to make a bolder statement, we can create visually stunning surfaces through the use of multiple colours in structured or abstract designs of your choosing. And if your project requires a colour that isn’t in our expansive palette (or anyone else’s) we will work with you to create the exact shade you’re looking for.

Sydney’s Finest Custom Painters

When you need to have a painting project that requires a custom approach completed, Apex Painting & Decoration is Sydney’s number one choice. With 20 years of experience in providing both conventional and customised solutions, we have the confidence to offer a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee on all our work. For further peace of mind, the many paints you may use are also protected by Dulux’ 7-year guarantee. For a free consultation and quote on your custom painting project, contact us today!


Q: How do you price a mural?

AL The price of a mural can vary wildly. It depends on many factors including the size, the intricacy of the design, where it is located, the type of paint used and much more. To receive a free quote on your mural, contact us today.

Q: What kind of paint do you use for wall murals?

A: This can also change with the situation – e.g. you can use latex on top of oil, but not vice-versa. Outdoor murals often use exterior latex paint, while indoor murals often use a mix of indoor latex paint and artist-grade acrylics. In some cases, a sealer may be used over it for additional protection.

Q: What is the difference between graffiti and murals?

A: Graffiti is generally done using spray paint or marker pens and is usually created without owner permission. Murals, meanwhile, are commissioned by owners and done at their request. Using purpose-designed paint increases the longevity and colour-accuracy of murals.