The Challenge Of Choosing Paint Colours

Whether it’s the interior or exterior of your home or business, the very first decision to be made with respect to painting is of course: “which colour should I choose?” You are not alone in agonising over this decision – picking a colour that you enjoy and that makes a great impression on visitors or customers is universally nerve-wracking! The task becomes more daunting when you realise that when you finally settle on a colour, it is not as simple as proceeding with ‘red’ or even ‘black’. Each colour comes in an almost endless number of shades – each of which can present somewhat differently depending on the type of paint used. It’s a lot to take in, isn’t it? At Apex Painting, we understand this – and that’s why we offer Sydney’s finest paint colour consultation services.

Why Do I Need Colour Consulting?

Choosing a colour for your interior or exterior painting job can be a challenge. With their expertise and years of painting experience, a paint colour consultant can make this process straightforward and painless. However, working with experts like our Sydney colour consultants can bring you far more advantages than simply making your decision easier.

Saving Money: Whether included in the cost of a painting job or as a separate service, in the end, colour consulting will almost always save you money. As anyone who has been through the process before can attest, choosing a paint colour palette on your own requires many cans of sample paint, fabric swatches for colour-matching purposes and other small purchases which quickly add up. Worse yet, it’s an unfortunately common occurrence to make a final decision and only after the job is done, discover it is not at all the effect you envisioned. The result? Repainting or replacing furniture at great expense to you. Our home and commercial colour consultants ensure you avoid such costly mistakes. With over 20 years of experience, they are able to understand your overall vision and then help you quickly zero in on the exact colour you need to bring it to life.

Saving Time: Perhaps even more than the expense, choosing the perfect colour can eat up another precious resource: time. Even the most decisive of home or business owners will find themselves going through colour fan decks, fabric swatches and Pinterest boards for weeks or months trying to find the exact colour they have in mind. Our Sydney colour consultants dramatically cut down on the time you need to spend for the simple reason that they are intimately familiar with hundreds of colours. On meeting with you, seeing the interior or exterior surface to be painted and the accompanying décor, they are able to quickly narrow down the options to just a few which you can then whittle down to that perfect shade. Usually, our interior and exterior paint colour consultants are able to help clients find their perfect colour in one or two meetings.

Keeping You In Style: Of course, not all of us will be up to date with the latest in painting and decorating trends. However, as part of our job, we closely pay attention to the colours as well as decorating trends that are currently in fashion. Especially in a commercial setting, presenting this type of in-touch aesthetic is important. However, even if you do not care about being ‘trendy’, there is a far more important reason to use currently in-demand colours…

Maintaining or Increasing The Value of Your Property: Many owners are unaware that colour choices can have a considerable effect on property value. Whether the colour is in fashion, whether it will be suitable for a number of building/room uses and whether it will make repainting more difficult all affect resale value. Our expert Sydney exterior colour consultants will make sure you choose colours for the outside of your home that will increase value while our interior consultants will do the same for indoors.

Sydney’s Top Colour Consulting Service

At Apex Painting, we offer colour consulting services designed to ensure every painting job gives you exactly the results you desire. If our expansive palette of paints does not have the exact colour you need, we also offer customised solutions. In addition to a free quote and free initial consultation, we offer a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee on all our work. You can even rest easy when it comes to the paint itself, as Dulux offers a 7-year warranty on all its products. To find out more about our colour consulting service, contact us today.


Q: How much does a colour consultant cost?

A: The cost of a colour consultant can vary depending on experience as well as the particular job. Sometimes, painting companies will include colour consultation in the price of the overall painting service. To get a free quote, contact us today.

Q: How much does a colour consultant make?

A: This also depends on experience, as well as the types of painting jobs in question. A beginner colour consultant may make around $20,000 while in-demand, highly experienced consultants can make close to $90,000 and above.

Q: What does a colour consultant do?

A: A colour consultant assists homeowners and businesses to find the perfect colours for their interior and exterior painting needs. With extensive experience, they are able to either quickly find the perfect colour to fulfil the client’s vision or create a custom one.