Giving Your Wooden Floors New Life

To many, wooden flooring is the most elegant type of flooring you can put in your home or business. While imitation wood flooring can achieve a similar effect, there is a certain level of class and timeless aesthetic that can only be achieved through the use of authentic timber flooring. However, the beauty of this type of flooring does come at a price. As a porous material that is not as hard as, for example, cement, foot traffic and the elements eventually affect the appearance of wooden flooring, causing it to dull and become less smooth. When this happens, all is not lost – you can return your floors to their former glory through floor sanding and polishing. Timber, parquet, cork and even particleboard can be revived this way. In cases where the original varnish is simply a bit worn, a new coat of sealing polish can do the trick. However, sometimes floors are too far gone, and to properly ensure years of aesthetics and use, sanding is required. With more than 20 years of experience, Apex Painting offers both expert floor sanding and polishing in Sydney.

How Does It Work?

When necessary, sanding is the first stage of the floor restoration process. Apex’ Sydney floor sanding experts begin by preparing the floor for sanding. Any protruding nails are punched down, while connectors that may have secured carpet or other coverings (staples, tacks, Velcro etc) are removed. We then utilise state-of-the-art sanding machines that are designed to operate efficiently while posing no threat of damage to your floors. After first removing old coatings and perfectly levelling the floor, our sanding experts then complete the process, creating a perfectly smooth and fresh surface. We can then polish your timber floor. When polishing, we use only the highest quality timber floor polish available. Our products are extremely durable, and will completely seal and protect your floors for years to come.

Why Should I Sand And Polish My Timber Floor?

Your timber floors were initially installed with recently sanded timber and sealed with polish to protect the wood. As timber floors age, polish begins to break down and be rubbed off. This allows physical damage to happen more easily, and moisture to begin to seep into the wood. This moisture causes stains, cracking and warping of your beloved floors. The re-application of polish by our Sydney timber floor polishing experts protects your floors from this type of damage that can cause irreparable damage. However, if your floor is uneven or has suffered considerable surface damage, the polish will not be able to properly seal and protect it. Polish also cannot hide a certain amount of damage. In these cases, timber floor sanding by our experienced crew adequately prepares the floor for polishing, substantially extending the life of your beautiful polished wooden floors.

Sydney’s Floor Sanding & Polishing Experts

If your timber floors are a bit worse for wear, you can rely on Apex Painting for your Sydney Floor Polishing and Sanding needs. We offer a 100% Satisfaction guarantee on all our work, and there are never any hidden costs or fees. Further, we will never try to convince you to undertake unnecessary floor repairs. If simply buffing and temporary polish will do the job, we’ll let you know! For a free consultation and quote, or to find out more about how we can make your timber floors look like new, contact us today.


Q: How much does it cost to polish timber floors?

A: Apex Painting offers extremely affordable professional polishing services – certainly just a small fraction of the cost of replacing floors which have been destroyed due to a lack of protection. To get a free quote, contact us today.

Q: How Do You Polish A Timber Floor?

A: We first prepare the floor for polishing – either using a sander and sanding edger where necessary, or a light sanding to remove surface scratches. The floor is buffed and washed down to remove contaminants and any remaining residue, and then polish is applied with our specialised equipment, ensuring an even and complete coating.