Protecting your home or business against damage from the elements is a must. As such a large investment, it’s important that you do everything you can to help it last. An important part of this protection is waterproofing. Rain, humidity and condensation can all result in water damage to various parts of your building. The more porous the material, the more susceptible it becomes to water damage. Apex Painting and Decoration has more than 20 years of experience in taking care of surfaces and boosting longevity. Our Sydney waterproofing services are the best way to waterproof every inch of your property.

Wood Waterproofing

Wood is perhaps the material that most needs to be waterproofed. As it is very porous, exposure to moisture has a serious effect. Expanding, warping and eventual structural problems like cracking and complete breakage occur. Even worse, badly water-damaged wood can begin to rot from the inside out. Our Sydney waterproofing services protect against this. By using our advanced waterproofing finishes, your wooden fences, decks, sheds and other wooden structures are completely protected from damage due to moisture.


Masonry can be tricky to waterproof. As it is often textured and may include porous designs, regular painting can result in small missed spots. When a waterproof finish is added over this, there are still tiny spaces for water to slip through, which can eventually destroy your beautiful masonry. At Apex Painting, we use special waterproofing finishes that penetrate the pores in your masonry. This creates a bond that results in a truly impassable barrier.


Concrete can also be damaged by moisture. Water seeping in can result in flaking, peeling and breaking off in chunks. It can be even more destructive in steel-reinforced concrete as the corroding and/or expanding steel works against the concrete it was designed to reinforce.

Dulux, one of our paint manufacturer partners, is a world leader in waterproofing finishes. They provide weatherproofing finishes designed to protect the concrete and resist the corrosion of steel reinforcement. These coatings increase the waterproofing of regular topcoats, as well as being excellent standalone coatings.

Waterproofing Sealants

A large part of waterproofing is ensuring crevices and joints are well sealed. Window jambs, door jambs and other spaces are often sealed off with a sealant that may be, for example, a sprayed expanding solid. These sealers are rarely completely waterproof, however. Our painters will apply a flexible coating that will bring a high level of waterproofing and will also expand or contract with the sealing without cracking.

Sydney Waterproofing

To protect your wood, masonry and other porous surfaces, it’s important to apply the right kind of waterproofing. The experts at Apex Painting and Decoration know just what coating to use for every application. You always know you’re getting the best thanks to our 100% satisfaction guarantee. Interested in our waterproofing services? Contact us today!

Is waterproofing necessary?

If any surface is at all porous and exposed to moisture, waterproofing is necessary. It is especially important for exterior surfaces regularly exposed to rain, humidity and moisture. Waterproofing may also be necessary for interior spaces that experience moisture such as basements, bathrooms and laundry rooms.

What is a waterproofing treatment?

Waterproofing involves applying a special coating or sealant over and around surfaces to lock out moisture. Once a treatment is applied, the material should resist moisture, thus preventing problems with mould growth, mildew, and water damage.