Understandably, when we hear ‘spray painting,’ many of us think of graffiti or art projects in our younger years. However, with the right equipment, spray painting is an extremely effective tool in professional painting. To really take advantage of spray painting’s advantages, you simply need professionals who are versed in the process. At Apex Painting and Decoration, we have 20 years’ experience in every type of painting including spray painting. Our expert spray painters will give you a quick and flawless paint job every time.

Why Choose Spray Painting

Our professional spray painting services can transform the appearance of your home or business. Spray painting is widely used in industrial, commercial and residential settings to paint the exteriors of buildings, machinery and even vehicles or vessels. While exteriors make up the bulk of our spray paint work, this method can bring just the slick look you desire to that special room in your house – be it a studio, sitting room, or ‘man cave.’ However, the advantages of spray painting go beyond aesthetics.

Covering Large Surface Areas

Spray paint is especially desirable when the amount of surface that needs to be covered is particularly large. Painting with brushes or rollers (even large ones) becomes quite inefficient when there is a 20-metre wall or a large shipping vessel to be painted, for example. Spray painting is far more suited for such work and takes away the expensive necessity to have numerous painters to complete the job.


As anyone that has seen professional spray painters in action can attest, it is a very quick method of painting. When time is of the essence, our spray painters can complete a perfect painting job in a fraction of the time. Not only is this convenient, but it also reduces the downtime of your business or the lost access to that part of your home.

Smooth and Even Finish

The tightly controlled atomisation of our modern spray painting equipment results in flawlessly smooth and even finishes, every time. Much like the sprayed-on finish in automotive settings appears to be a second skin, our spray painting gives a noticeably even finish to whatever surface it is applied. This is one of the reasons kitchen spray painting services are so popular. Kitchen cabinets look revitalised and refreshed with a professional spray paint job.

Flexible for Any Application

The beauty of spray painting is that it looks great on any surface. Masonry, concrete, metal, wood, plastic and even fibreglass all look fabulous once the right type of paint is used. And on that note – our wide range of equipment allows us to spray any type of finish – from primer to acrylics and everything in-between.

Detail or Texture Work

Detailed surfaces, like stucco ceilings, lattices, intricate moulding and certain masonry, pose a challenge to conventional painting. With their more complex surfaces, getting to every bit of it and doing so evenly can be difficult (and in some cases impossible). Spray painting provides these surfaces with an even coat.

Sydney’s Most Skilled Spray Painters

When spray painting will improve the looks and efficiency of your painting job, the professional spray painters at Apex are always ready to perform the perfect job. Our 100% satisfaction guarantee means you’ll always be happy with the end result. We even do customised solutions for that one-of-a-kind spray painting job. Contact us today for a free consultation and quote!

How much does spray painting cost?

At Apex Painting and Decoration, we perform a consultation with you to ensure we have a good understanding of the space and the job in question. When necessary, we come up with custom solutions to best serve your needs. As a result, the cost of spray painting services varies from job to job.

What are the benefits of spray painting?

Spray painting creates a smooth, even surface no matter what you are painting, which makes it ideal for large surfaces and for complex surfaces like kitchen cabinets or textured spaces.