It’s easy to think of painting as the application of a solid layer that is some colour of the rainbow but there is so much more to painting when you factor in speciality finishes. The same skills that allow our experienced painters to add on a perfect layer of enamel, latex or acrylic paint, let them apply a flawless layer of special finishes.

What is a specialty paint finish? In general, it is a coating or finish that offers protective or decorative traits unlike a run of the mill paint. Every home or business owner has many surfaces that can benefit from a specialty finish. Apex Painting and Decoration has partnered with the leading coating manufactures to offer you the best in Australian special finishes.

Polyurethane Finish

This finish is most often used on hardwood floors and other wood-based materials. After deciding on the elegance and longevity of hardwood floors, most owners and builders realise a special finish is needed to protect the wooden surface. We perform flawless applications of both oil-based and water-based polyurethane finishes. Oil-based finishes are more durable, require fewer coats and are cheaper. They slightly alter the appearance of the wood, giving it a soft ‘glow’. If you don’t want the look of your wood to be affected at all and prefer a finish without VOCs (volatile organic compounds), you can choose one of our top-quality water-based finishes instead.

Epoxy Finishes

Another popular Australian specialty finish is the epoxy finish. These are protective coatings that are often applied to concrete and cement. Popular areas of application include garage floors and verandahs. Since they do not allow moisture to permeate, epoxy coatings are also regularly used in damp areas such as basements and sheds. We can also apply epoxy coatings in commercial and industrial settings. This includes concrete rebar, piping, factory floors and much more. The incredible durability of epoxy finishes can protect numerous surfaces in your Sydney home or business.


High quality, designer wallpaper can beautify the interior of your home. Both classic designs and new, bold patterns immediately liven up a sitting area, bedroom or bathroom. But for that perfect look that lasts for years, you need a professional application. Our experienced painters and decorators know how to expertly cut and apply wallpaper so that it goes on smoothly and there isn’t a noticeable seam to be seen. You can provide your own, or else we can give you a wide range of world-class options through our network of import and manufacturer partners.

Feature Walls

One of the best ways to make a room’s paint job stand out is by incorporating a feature wall. The simplest version of this is giving one wall its own colour scheme. However, with our range of special paint finishes, we give you the chance to get far more creative. Our textured finishes and paints that are able to emulate other surfaces can make your feature wall truly unique. Thanks to our two decades of experience, we also know the best way to incorporate a feature wall into your existing or planned décor.

Dulux Special Finishes

Our long-time partner Dulux is known around the world as the manufacturer of some of the world’s best paints and coatings. And with their 7-year warranty, you can be sure your finish will last. They also make some of the most exciting special finishes available. Their textured finishes offer a world of options – from ‘stucco’ style to Venetian plastering. Their special formulations allow textured paint jobs to be done in record time. Stone, metallic, suede finishes and more create stunning effects. Their high-tech AcraTex coating systems come in both textured and non-textured finishes and protect against cracking and staining. This keeps your paint job looking brand new for longer!

Australia’s Widest Range of Special Finishes

If you’re looking for special finishes in Sydney, look no further than Apex Painting and Decoration. In addition to our incredible variety, you can count on our Dulux-certified painters to apply it the right way the first time. In fact, we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee to back up our promise! Contact us today for a free quote and consultation.

How much does a specialty finish cost?

Specialty finishes are often comparable in cost to regular ones. Those with special properties or complex formulations are still affordable and often pay for themselves thanks to their protective nature.

What are the benefits of specialty finishes?

Specialty finishes can offer a unique aesthetic to your paint job. Others protect your home from damage and wear. Long-lasting and weather-resistant special finishes, meanwhile, mean your new paint job will stay looking new and will last longer than the average coating.