Ultimate Deck Protection

When first installing an exterior deck, and to maintain it throughout its life, certain tasks should always be undertaken. Beyond keeping the wood clean, sealing and waterproofing the deck is always a necessity. However, if you truly are committed to having a deck that retains like-new beauty and physical condition, you should also include deck oiling. Much like timber floors, wooden decks benefit greatly from the application of oil to the wood. When it comes to timber deck oiling, however, the oil used should be specially designed to withstand the rigours of outdoor life. Apex Painting & Decorating offers a deck oiling service that keeps your beautiful deck protected against the harshest elements for years to come.

How Does Deck Oiling Work?

Deck Oil is the last line of defence for your deck against damage through impacts, foot traffic and exposure to the elements. After your deck has been thoroughly sealed and waterproofed, application of exterior deck oil can make the wood even more attractive while adding further protection.

Our experts first thoroughly clean your deck. This deep cleaning itself is excellent for the health of the wood. After it is completely dry, the deck is checked for any residue, and any rising fibres are sanded down. We then apply our high-quality oils to the deck. An even and professionally applied coating results in an incredibly hard-wearing and water-repellent surface. While it may take 24 to 48 hours to harden completely, the oil dries relatively quickly, so there is no need to worry about imperfections due to outdoor debris.

What Does Deck Oiling Do?

Our professional deck oiling service provides a number of advantages, including:

Additional Waterproofing: While waterproofing is still necessary, deck oil is water repellant and further protects your deck from moisture damage.

Slows Wear: The hard coating resulting from deck oil application means the wood beneath will wear far more slowly, keeping its attractive appearance longer. Polishing after the oil is dry increases its hard-wearing attributes.

Protection From Impact Damage: A beautiful deck Is not just to be looked at – hopefully many good times will be had on it by your family, friends and clients! This means that cutlery will be dropped, footballs will be kicked onto it, and all sorts of shoes will travel across it. Deck oiling prevents these occurrences from gouging and scratching the wood.

Ease of Maintenance: The slick, water-resistant surface resulting from a deck oiling is delightfully easy to clean and perform other maintenance on. For example, buffing and polishing become much easier and more effective on an oiled surface.

Sydney’s Deck Oiling Experts

Apex Painting & Decoration has over 20 years experience in deck oiling, and has helped protect scores of decks across Sydney. We offer affordable deck oiling services with no hidden costs or fees and a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. To find out more, or to receive a free quote and consultation, contact us today.