You may not know it, but you have almost certainly seen epoxy coating before. In fact, you’ve likely walked on it! Epoxy coating is a product applied to a surface (most often floors) and it creates a hard layer. This hard surface is very durable and provides excellent protection. Many times when a floor’s surface seems shinier than you would think due to the material type, it is because there is a layer of epoxy coating over it. This coating can extend the life of your floors, but it’s important the right epoxy coating is used and that it is applied correctly. The professionals at Apex Painting & Decorating have 20 years of experience and will perfectly apply the right coating every time.

What Is Epoxy Coating?

Epoxy coating is actually made of two components – epoxy resin and polymer hardener. Tinted resin will give your final product colour, while clear resin results in a see-through coating. The two components are mixed together and then applied to your floor. Eventually the mixture cures – that is, the two materials bond together. The extremely strong coating that results protects floors against pitting, scratches, stains, chemical damage and more.

Unsurprisingly, epoxy garage floor coatings are some of our most popular applications. However, epoxy coating can be applied to a number of surfaces. Since epoxy does not allow moisture to permeate, basement and shed floors are also often coated. Epoxy isn’t just for flooring. Kitchen counters and splashbacks with epoxy coatings are protected from the many liquids that can create permanent stains.

Epoxy floor coatings are regularly used in commercial settings as well. Its hardy nature makes it an excellent choice in settings where heavy foot traffic, falling objects or the presence of chemicals can severely shorten the life of flooring.

Epoxy Paint Vs. Epoxy Coating

These two terms are often used interchangeably – but they are not necessarily the same thing. Epoxy coating is the product previously explained; two components combined to create the specific protective coating. A product labelled epoxy paint couldbe this – but often it is an acrylic paint with some epoxy mixed in.

While these epoxy-containing paints are nowhere near as protective as true epoxy coatings, these 1-part epoxy paints tend to be more durable and adhesive than regular acrylic paints. They can also be more inexpensive, and as paints, more decorative. Your paint specialists at Apex can suggest exactly what will suit your particular application best. We work to ensure that you get all the protection you need without spending more money than necessary.

Professional Epoxy Coating Application

Apex Painting’s experienced professionals will help you select the right epoxy coating for your needs. We’ll then come to your home or business and perfectly apply it in an efficient manner. You can trust that our Sydney epoxy floor coatings will be applied to your liking, thanks to our 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you’re in need of a customised solution, we can come up with the right product. To get a free consultation and quote on your epoxy coating, contact us today.

What is the use of epoxy coating?

Epoxy coating is used to protect floors and other surfaces. People use epoxy floor coatings in Perth, Sydney, and all over Australia to enhance longevity. By forming a durable layer over the surface, it protects it from abrasion, scratches, stains and more.

Is epoxy paint food safe?

Epoxy paint and coatings are generally considered to be food safe. Non-porous, they may actually be safer than certain other surfaces with cracks and pores where bacteria can grow. Naturally, it should regularly be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected. To be extra safe, you can purchase epoxies that have been tested for certain food safety grades.