Though it’s rarely thought of, institutional painting is a facet of painting that requires several unique considerations. Because the buildings being painted are churches, schools, cultural centres, health care facilities and the like, they often must stay in operation while painting occurs and a minimal amount of disruption is of the utmost importance. Further, many of these institutions require a very specific interior and exterior appearance – whether perfectly recreating its original appearance that has started to deteriorate, or presenting a new look that will speak to attendees while presenting the institution in the correct light.

With two decades of experience painting a wide variety of building types, the professional institutional painters at Apex Painting & Decoration will take your needs and the institution’s features into consideration to provide the perfect painting job.

Painting For Any Institution

Apex Painting & Decoration offers complete painting services for all types of Sydney institutions, including:

  • Primary Education (preschools, public and private elementary schools)
  • Secondary Education (high schools, private colleges)
  • Tertiary Education (universities, graduate schools, training colleges)
  • Churches
  • Museums
  • Healthcare (hospitals, private clinics, nursing homes, doctors’ offices)
  • Libraries
  • Recreational Facilities
  • Banks

Whether the institution in question is a new building or an established one that needs restoration, we can provide a flawless painting job that will be sure to make the right impression.

Exterior Institutional Painting

As far as clichés go, “first impressions last” may be one of the truest. As an institution, it is vital that when first viewed, it is clear that care and attention to detail are important to those running it. It was also a simple matter of professionalism; if an institution’s exterior is run-down and unkempt, anyone viewing this will assume that the services provided are equally shoddy.

Highly experienced in painting the exteriors of a variety of institutions, we focus on the entirety of your property. While we leave the decision of what is to be painted up to you, we are versed in the painting of not only the main building’s exterior but also smaller buildings such as sheds, guard huts, columns and pillars, statue bases, outdoor staircases, and any other structures that may need painting. We can even provide painting of sidewalks and driveways that are often required at institutions such as schools and administrative buildings.

For many institutions, it is crucial that the exterior’s appearance remains undisturbed. Our ability to exactly match paint colours allows institutions to rely on us to perfectly recreate the existing paint job.

Interior Institutional Painting

While the exterior may be the first thing visitors see, the interior is where attendees/patients/clients will spend the large majority of their time. After discussing preferences and needs, we then offer our knowledge and skill to collaboratively create the perfect scheme for the interior of your institution.

Minimum Disruption, Maximum Safety

While some institutions can plan their painting projects for ‘off times’ (e.g., schools during vacation time), others need to be operational throughout the year. Understanding this, we plan with you to schedule the best possible times, and during these times, we specifically organise our approach to create as little disruption as possible. Aware that we are working around students, patients, or visitors as well as your staff, safety is always of the utmost importance. We keep our work area tidy and clean, from start to finish.

Sydney’s Institutional Painting Experts

If you need institutional painters in Sydney, look no further than Apex Painting & Decoration. With a 100% satisfaction guarantee, a free quote and consultation, and a seven year warranty on all Dulux paint products, you can be secure in the knowledge that the job will be done right the first time.

Q & A

Q: What is institutional painting?

A: Institutional painting is the application of paint and coating products to any building that is considered an institution. This includes schools, places of worship, administrative offices, health care buildings, and more.

Q: Is institutional painting expensive?

A: Institution painting can sometimes require adherence to very specific considerations, such as the use of unusual or outdated colours, as well as irregular hours of work. At Apex Painting, we provide customised solutions to offer the most affordable rates while meetings all of your needs.