The Northern Beaches is likely one of the best-known Sydney Suburban areas – the sprawling municipality contains some of the most in-demand coastal real estate outside of the Sydney CBD. With kilometres of beautiful coastline, lushly forested areas and close proximity to the Sydney CBD, it is no surprise that real estate in the many suburbs that make up The Northern Beaches continues to go up in value.

As a real estate owner in the Northern Beaches, you will, of course, want to maintain the value of your home or commercial property. Nothing is more detrimental to the value of a property than old, faded, and peeling paint. Conversely, the quickest way to raise the value of a recently purchased property is to refresh its interior and exterior with a new coat of paint in a tastefully eye-catching colour scheme.

Apex Painting & Decoration’s Northern Beach painters are the most experienced and professional in the area. Regardless of the type of painting job you require or the special considerations it entails, our team can meet your needs.

The Apex Painting & Decoration Team

Our painters in Northern Beaches and throughout the Sydney area have made a name for themselves as skilled and customer service-minded professionals. For two decades, Apex Painting has provided a wide range of painting services to satisfied customers in locales including Avalon, Manly, Beacon Hill, Curl Curl, Newport, Whale Beach and more seeking to beautify their properties. The types of properties we expertly breathe new life into includes, but is not limited to:

and many more.

We continue to be in demand house painters in The Northern Beaches for a number of reasons. Our ability to provide (or create ourselves) precisely the shade of paint homeowners desire sets us apart from other painting companies. In fact, providing services customised to your particular needs is one of our trademarks.

Our commercial and industrial Northern Shore painting services, meanwhile, have resulted in a long list of satisfied customers due to our attention to detail, ability to perfectly paint difficult-to-access surfaces and complete inventory of paints and coatings that protect surfaces exposed to the elements and the additional wear of a commercial or industrial environment.

Special Services

One surefire way to put the value of your Northern Beaches property in danger is to allow painters inexperienced in providing certain specialised services to apply paint or coatings or undertake other tasks they simply are not adept at performing. At Apex Painting & Decoration, our skill set goes far beyond applying paint to walls. Some of our special services include:

  • Roof painting
  • Pool painting
  • Plastering and gyprocking
  • Wallpapering
  • Waterproofing
  • Deck oiling
  • Paint removal
  • Custom murals
  • Colour consulting

Services such as waterproofing and deck oiling ensure that wooden and other porous parts of your property are protected and do not begin to deteriorate prematurely. In addition to these protective services, we consult with our Northern Beaches clients about protective, element-resistant paints – with the salty ocean air, this is always a wise way to protect your home and its appearance. And not to worry – in another example of our dedication to customer service, our consultations and quotes are always free!

Your Northern Beaches Paint Experts

Through hard work and careful consideration, you’ve been able to invest in a piece of coveted Northern Beaches real estate. At Apex Painting & Decoration, we are the perfect partner in maximising your investment through the maintenance and beautification of your property. Thanks to our no hidden fees policy and the 7-year guarantee offered on our Dulux line of paints, our work is not only of the highest quality but also the most economical choice as well! Contact us today to find out more.